Applications for productivity and fun.

This website offers several of my applications for download. The applications are:


SkypeAndDown will automatically turn Skype on or off for you based on your preferred schedule. More Info


Base64er sits in your System Tray, once you need to encode/decode Base64 text, it will encode/decode for you! More Info


Cleanup is a simple utility app for cleaning up IE's cache or cookie folder (or both). More Info

TMG Sync Monitor

This utility app shows the status of TMGs configuration and whether it is out of sync or updating. More Info

PowerPoint Splitter

This tool takes a powerpoint file with multiple slides, and spits out individual files with single slides. More Info

AppWrap Generator

AppWrap is a mechanism in Microsoft's Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) that allows content alteration on the fly. More Info

UAG Trace Companion

This tool allows a server trace collection to be started and stopped easily from the systray. More Info

UAG Trace Analyzer

The UAG Trace Analyzer allows easier analysis by parsing a trace into single requests. More Info

Support Decision Maker

Non-sensical app that spits out instructions on how to proceed with a customer support case. More Info

Auto Cleaner

This tool automatically cleans up the user's TEMP folder daily, and helps keep a tidy disk. More Info


This tool allows you to monitor and adjust your firewall settings to block malicious IP ranges. More Info

IIS Log Cleaner

This tool automatically cleans old IIS logs to free up space on your drive. More Info

DNA Visualizer

This application displays a graphic visualization based on a raw DNA file. More Info


This tool allows you to convert an EVTX file to CSV quickly More Info


This tool provides a quick and easy remote control of Windows computers from any platform More Info

EVTX Merge

This tool merges two or more EVTX files into one file. More Info


This tool monitors multiple servers while being rebooted. More Info


This tool finds a user's domain in a large AD forest. More Info

Outlook Notifier

This tool provides highly-visible alerts for Outlook meetings. More Info

Smart Launcher

This is an add-on/alternative to the Windows Start menu, adding quick-launch items for your apps. More Info

Outlook Dumper

This is an app to export Outlook folders and emails when this function is blocked by corporate policy. More Info


This tool searches and finds duplicate files in a folder or tree. More Info