Auto Cleaner

Many applications store temporary files in the system's temporary folder, but few bother cleaning those up. These can be easily deleted manually, or using the Disk Cleanup tool which is part of the Windows Operating System. However, if you forget or don't have time for that, you could easily end up with gigabytes of useless files clogging up your drive. AutoCleaner can solve that by automatically cleaning up the folder (as well as the Windows temp folder under c:\windows\temp). By default, AutoCleaner will clean up every 24 hours, or you can set a different interval by editing the INI file that the program creates upon first launch. You can also use the notification area icon to perform a manual cleanup and set the application to automatically start with Windows.

Note that this application is not associated, endorsed or supported by Microsoft!

This application is free and not limited in any way. However, if you like it, please consider donating a dollar to support my efforts to develop more applications like this.

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