EVTX Merge

EVTX Merge is a simple tool for merging two or more EVTX files into one. To use the tool, place it in a folder with your EVTX files, and create a text file names "list.txt", listing the EVTX files you want to merge. The file names should have the extension, but NOT the path. Also, be sure to avoid blank lines. To start the process, double-click on the file. It doesn't have any user interface, but you will notice a file named MERGED appended with the current date and time created and starting to grow in size. When the tool has completed, it will display a completed pop-up.

Note that this application is not associated, endorsed or supported by Microsoft!

This application is free and not limited in any way. However, if you like it, please consider donating a dollar to support my efforts to develop more applications like this.

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