Are you tired of people calling you on Skype in the middle of the night just because you forgot to close your Skype or change your status to OffLine? Have you been missing calls because you keep forgetting to start skype in the morning?

Say good bye the this headache with the SkypeAndDown scheduler. SkypeAndDown will automatically turn skype on or off based on your preferred schedule. SkypeAndDown is a small download (57K) with no installer to mess up your registry. Simply place it on your hard drive and run it. Using a day/hour grid, you can define your preferred schedule, and SkypeAndDown will automatically start or exit Skype at the designated time.

The systray icon also allows you to manually launch or exit Skype directly from it, instead of going to the start menu.

You can download the trial version here, which is free. The trial doesn't expire, but it will show a large TRIAL banner, and will show a nag-screen once a day, begging you to support my efforts with a donation of 1 dollar. Those who donate will receive a nag-free version of the application, and be eligible for free upgrades and updates for 1 year and free technical support for the app (though not for Skype itself, of course). Please note that this application is not associated, endoresed or supported by Microsoft. To purchase the app, click here.


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